Stakeholder consultation

The European Commission and the project consortium are dedicated to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to this study, thereby ensuring a representative and complete assessment of the implementation status and effectiveness of Article 17 within the Member States. Main stakeholders in this field are policy makers, consumers, builders, architects, engineers, environmental & energy auditors, installers of building elements, banks and other financial institutions. This website is the main information exchange platform between the project team, the Commission and the stakeholders.  

During the project, stakeholders are asked multiple times to give their input and views related to Article 17.  

Implementation Status: December 2017 - February 2018

National and regional policy makers complete the overview of Article 17 measures, as submitted in their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans of 2017.  This completed overview is used to assess in a proper way the implementation status of Article 17 within the 28 Member States.  

Online survey: February 2018 – May 2018

For 10 selected Member States, stakeholders in the field will be consulted via an online questionnaire, regarding the effectiveness of Article 17 measures.  Key stakeholders will be interviewed via phone too, to discuss the impact of information and training measures more into detail.  

Validation Workshop: September 2018

The project team will organize a validation workshop to present the findings and recommendations of the study and lead an open discussion with the participants.  The objective of the workshop is to significantly enhance the quality of the study conclusions and recommendations through a process of discussion and verification with the key stakeholders.