Project summary

This study will provide technical support to the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission to assess the implementation status and the effectiveness of Article 17 in the EU-28 Member States and provide an overview of the measures introduced:  

  • to ensure wide dissemination of the information on the energy efficiency measures and financing instruments to the market actors and citizens;
  • to assess to what extent they have contributed to the uptake of energy efficiency improvement measures across the different sectors and
  • to assess to what extent they have encouraged better access to the investments for energy efficiency projects.

Article 17 of the Energy Efficiency Directive provides a framework on broad dissemination of information and availability of training initiatives related to energy efficiency.  On top, there had to be introduced measures at the national level to provide information on the energy performance of buildings and to create a framework for developing a specific set of skills, like energy audits. These measures, addressing the obligations in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), are also considered in the study.  

The following tasks will be carried out to reach the study objectives:

  • Task 1: Assessment of the overall implementation status and effectiveness of Article 17 in the EU-28 Member States
  • Task 2: Effectiveness of measures to ensure provision of information to the financial institutions and banks
  • Task 3: Recommendations to the Commission and Member Sates for further action

Having the achievement of the 2030 energy efficiency targets in mind, it is even more vital to ensure that the information on available energy efficiency measures is widely disseminated and to raise the awareness of the wide range of benefits. In addition, well-designed training initiatives also need to be developed by the Member States by engaging the stakeholders and regional and local authorities. 

The study has been ended in October 2018.